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Six Months and counting!

September 14, 2018

Six months and counting! We’ve been open for half a year and as we approach Fall and the Holidays we couldn’t be more excited to continue our vision of what A Well Stocked Home is.  We’ve been busy sourcing unique products that enhance your home and that are thoughtful, fabulous gifts too. Color is the talk around the store, so you’ll see jewel tones as well as gorgeous stoneware that say FALL.

We’re also thrilled to partner with haven a boutique to create the AMIGA campaign.  T-shirts and mugs are available with this simple word that means friendship.  What better way to promote kindness and spread the word that women supporting women is so important.  We’ve partnered with local artists and businesses to bring these products to our stores.  Thank you to Karen at All Action Awards for the quick turn around on the mugs!

We are also so happy to see that Fabulous First Street is filling up and that we have NO VACANCY on our block. Avila Winters had a soft opening and is now working toward their Grand Opening soon.

Rosemarie and I feel we can’t have enough retail in Woodland. The more retail and dining options we have, the more people will feel that Woodland is a place to spend time.

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