Charitable Donations

One of our core values is to contribute back to our community through the giving of our time, resources, and store product.  As a small business we want to ensure these opportunities occur throughout the year, therefore we have implemented the following process to request donations from A Well Stocked Home.

Each March & October we accept applications for donations.  Below is the deadline information and form required for us to review your request.  All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and you will be notified by the 15th of the deadline month if we are able to complete your request.

Deadline Decision by Donation provided
March 1 March 15 June 1 – December 31
October 1 October 15 January 1 – May 31

Please fill out the request form below and if you have any questions feel free to email us your questions.  Thank you for choosing A Well Stocked Home as a partner in your event or charity.  We will always do our best to approve each request, however approval is dependent on the number of requests and our current charitable budget.

Thank you!  Rosemarie & Kelly

Please provide detail to help us understand what your cause does for our community and how our donation would be helpful. Include a website or facebook information .
Please ask for EXACTLY what you need. If there is a product you desire, then ask for it!
Please explain how our brand and/or products will be used at your charity | raffle, silent auction, live auction, etc
What date would you like to pick up the donation?